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7 Major Elements to Take Care Before Hiring a Storage Company

7 Major Elements to Take Care Before Hiring a Storage Company

Giving your valuable personal belongings to someone for storage, is always risky and stressful. You certainly don’t want your belongings to get damaged and you certainly don’t want to let amateurs handle your valuable furniture, car, clothes, boat or any other personal goods you have to store.

1. Storage Facility: Warehousing, Size, Packaging,  24 X 7 Access

It is really important to choose a storage company owning a large size warehouse and plenty of space in it. This ensures that all your goods will be transferred safely and stored safely at the proper space.

Another really important aspect to take into account, is the packaging of your goods. Without packing, your goods will be exposed to several dangers. A reliable storage company, will definitely have professional ways to pack your belongings and keep them safe. An option between loosely stored facility and crated stored facility is something a good storage company must definitely provide.

Professional storage companies must have a 24 X 7 stand-by person for giving access to stored belongings in the case you need something urgently.

2. Storage Safety: Accredited And Licensed, Cleanness

A well-established storage company will be accredited and licensed for the work they do. In addition, a clean and neat warehouse is a big prove that you are dealing with real professionals.

An additional safety for you when you have to choose a storage company in Cyprus, is knowing that the company is working in this field for several years. Having a lot of experience in transferring, packing and storing your belongings the removals and storage company ensures the integrity of all your belongings, even when they are fragile.

3. Storage Security: Goods Insurance, Fire protected, 24 X 7 Securities, CCTV, Waterproof

Knowing that the storage company of your choice follows some basic security rules, it gives you peace of mind.

Maybe the most important form of security a storage company should always have, is the Insurance of the stored goods. With insurance, it is ensured that there will be a compensation if the worst case scenario ever happens.

Other security aspects should definitely include fire protection, theft protection and protection against weather.

4. Technical/Professional Staff/Human Resources

When you have your belongings stored, you need people to be there for you if you need something.

A real professional company must have a really good and organized group of professionals including well trained office people who handle phone calls, emails and organize the work, well trained removals staff who handle the moving of goods and well trained storage staff who handle the perfect storage of goods.

In addition, the proper machinery and equipment is also necessary so as to handle heavy goods and store them gently.

5. Services: Fast & Reliable Services, First Class, Instant Service, Time Saving

A reliable removals and storage company in Cyprus must be able to fill the needs of all their clients fast and provide solutions for several different needs.

Short term storage facilities, long term storage facilities and fast removals in any place on the planet are some of the features that you should be able to have with a removals and storage company in Cyprus.

6. Previous Works: Portfolio, Certificate, Authorized, Licenses, Registered Company, Professionalism, Awards

Although a portfolio is always a good way to get a picture of the storage company, unfortunately this kind of work cannot provide you with real portfolio of the work done.
In order to overpass this you can make your conclusions from other things like the working experience of the company, the size of their storage facilities, the working group and the fleet of machinery they have. Having all these clues, undoubtedly you have all the portfolio you need.

7. Storage should provide mobility
Your chosen storage company should be able to immediately provide your stored goods in the case you need them urgently. Mobility should be provided to the stored goods and immediate access to them is really necessary.