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Moving Outside From Cyprus – How to Choose The Best International Movers

When the time comes to move outside Cyprus it is certainly a really big difficult step, for anyone. Being an island, Cyprus does not connect to any other country or continent. The only way out is by sea or air.

The usual way to ship your personal belongings, household effects and vehicles are by rending a part load (groupage), or full container service on a container ship. This is the cheapest and most effective way to move to any continent on earth.

However this means that you will be without your shipped belongings for quite some time, until they arrive to the destination. The time needed always depends on the destination and sometimes this might take more than one month. For this reason you must be careful and ship only things that will not be urgently needed to the destination point.

International Movers

Alternatively you can use air freight for some of your belongings but as it is faster than shipment, it is also much more expensive and the charges are usually made by weight and volume. Below I have mentioned certain steps that will guide you to reach out to the best international moving company.

Choose the best international moving company for you

After you plan the moving dates and everything else, you will certainly need to know what International Moving companies are available in Cyprus and how much it will cost. When you first contact a removals company for the price, you usually get only an estimation of the quote, as the company needs to send a representative at your place to calculate precisely how much needs to be packed. If are planning to get many quotes before you decide, just have in mind that this process takes a lot of time.

Who evaluates international movers?

There is an organization that bounds companies by codes of conduct. This organization is called The British Association of Removers and it is better to choose a company that is an affiliate member with this organization if you want to have peace of mind.

Don’t pack it yourself

It is strongly recommended that you find a company who can make the packing for you. Although sometimes you have the choice between a full or partial service, it is strongly recommended that you leave the packing to the experts. Having all the necessary equipment and experience they will free you from a lot of stress, lost energy and lost time. Experts usually are able to squeeze far more into a box than you can. Most of the time doing the packing on your own might cost you more in time and material (boxes, zelotape, etc).